Eliza Justice is Christopher's best friend and his secret main love interest who makes her first appearance in in the episode "First Friend".

Eliza Justice is portrayed by .


She was assigned a new secret service agent from her dad while meeting Christopher in the mall who was her protector.

After being saved by Christopher several times in her first appearance, she fell in love with her most recent secret service agent.

Physical Appearance

Eliza Justice is a young and very beautiful girl who wears skirts and dresses throughout almost all of her appearances.

She has long brown hair with blonde highlights, fair skin, brown eyes, and always wears red lipstick with alternative red lip gloss during special occasions.

From the Season 5 premier episode "The Nightmare Showdown Part 1", onward Eliza's highlights change in color from blonde to honey blonde.

In some episodes starting in "First Friend", Eliza wears a red top with black vertical stripes near the chest area and horizontal stripes near the stomach area going down, light blue blue jeans, with her signature golden chain necklace and her favorite brown sandals.

Her main outfit consists of a white summer hat with a red "O" initial representing her affiliation with The Organization Tactical Spies Undercover, a light blue halter top with a green emerald necklace encased inside a golden chain, she wears a red skirt with a teal blue belt, white and dark blue flip-flop sandals. 

In Paris in Season 7 Eliza wears a pink sleeveless shirt, white pants with a green Velcro-wrap skirt over it, green sandals and a brown hat with a blue ribbon on it. 

In every season finale episode, she wears a different-colored dress and boots as in "No Going Back", she wears a blue dress and brown boots. 

While undercover as a princess, Eliza Justice wears an Arabic-themed pearl-pink veil which has a green gem at the top, pink top with saffron borders and heart on the chest area, lilac purple skirt, saffron-colored necklace with a red heart-shaped gem, pink fabric in her waist, and brown flip-flops.

Eliza has started accompanying her red plaid shirt and light blue blue jeans and her boots with an Amethyst charm necklace looped through a golden chain since the Season 5 premier, "The Nightmare Showdown Part 1". 

Eliza adopts a brand new fashion style since the Season 5 premier, "The Nightmare Showdown Part 1" to the end of Season 36, consisting of a pair of black sunglasses, a red halter top, light blue silk pants, green stockings, high heels, and a lavender scarf around her neck.  

At night, Eliza wears a brown top with a golden-colored blooming rose on the stomach region of the top with lavender pajama pants with violet stars accompanying her signature light blue slippers.  

At night on Christmas Eliza wears a pink top and blue pajama pants with gingerbread men decorated on them with her signature light blue slippers.  

Eliza wears a black dress top with a white dress underneath, a lavender bracelet with an alarm light on it, her long honey blonde highlighted brown hair is styled in a wavy style with cherry red lipstick in "Dance Like No One's Watching" and episodes after.  

After it gets ruined temporarily in the fight against Kitten and Taiyang Wills, she resorts to wearing her signature red dress from the episodes "You're The Man!" and the episode itself, "Dance Like No One's Watching".  

She goes back to wearing it in Season 3 onward.  

Eliza constantly and consistently wears her signature green jacket with her signature black tank top and her red A-line skirt and high heels and wears this specific attire as her signature outfit on the agency while on missions.  

In some episodes starting from the episode "All Halloween Eve", Eliza has since had a change in clothing style consisting of at an leather jacket over a lavender top, dark blue jeans with a brown belt, with her signature brown sandals.  

Eliza has on occasion worn a white top with a pink and yellow skirt with matching white gloves with pink stripes on her gloves and the left side of her white top.  


Eliza is very social and outgoing, earning the title "The West Wing Wild Child."

Eliza is a very girly young teenage girl but not to the point where she is similar to Alice May despite the fact that she is a girly-girl as hinted as she doesn't show every sign as frequently as the former.

Eliza shows and expresses her romantic side to her as shown in the episodes "First Friend" and "You're The Man!" such as when she kisses him on the cheek in the former and kisses him on the lips lightly in the latter.

Eliza Justice shows a lot of her most loving, tender, and warm affection for her best friend throughout all of her appearances both verbally and non-verbally.

Eliza can also be extremely playful when off the clock as first shown in the episode "Can You Keep a Secret?" and further explored in countless other episodes such as "Sledding Spy", "V.I.Peace Out!","Betrayal Part 2", etc.

Eliza has also shown signs of fear when she and Christopher had faced off against Raptor Branwen in the episode "Domino 2: Christopher and Eliza vs. The Bandits!" at the end of the episode during a showdown that she knew she couldn't win.

When Christopher had nearly been convinced by Raptor herself that she was right about all of the other competitive enemy agents, Eliza had to snap him out of it.

Eliza is also determined to win a fight against her enemies from her past in order to move on from her past traumas and fears.

Eliza also shows a rebellious side to her personality against her aunt and uncle who had once ordered her to get back and run away from the battle.

In "The Nightmare Showdown Part 2" Eliza engages in combat against Luther Parker and Phylidia Flanders alongside Christopher showing more of her own fury at the thought of her own best friend getting brutally beaten up by Luther Parker and Phylidia Flanders.

In "The Nightmare Showdown Part 3" Eliza expresses a lot more emotion during a fight against Phylidia Flanders in the beginning of the episode before protecting her best friend and helping him fight back against the two enemy agents.

In "The Farmer's Daughter Part 1" Eliza Justice begins to show a very jealous side to her when Genie Miller flirts with Christopher much to his dismay as he is left uncomfortable.

Eliza also shows a very obvious development of hatred for Genie as she tries to keep Christopher away from Genie but once Christopher gets kidnapped by Luther Parker and Phylidia Flanders, she is reluctant to team up with Genie Miller to help E save Christopher.

In "The Farmer's Daughter Part 2" Eliza shows more rage against Luther Parker and Phylidia Flanders even going so far as to use her playfulness to distract both of the enemy agents before knocking them out cold as she then rescues her loved one and escapes while taunting her adversaries, leaving them shocked by this.

In "The Farmer's Daughter Part 3" Eliza shows more of a vengeful side to her as she starts becoming determined to destroy the same two people who had hurt the one she loves as she becomes more like Christopher with his bad side, but she later on calms down after having a talk with Christopher about his injuries later that day.

In "Eliza Fights Back Part 1" Eliza is back to being herself entirely only with a few minor changes in her personality after the events of the previous episodes in her story arc.

In "Eliza Fights Back Part 2" Eliza becomes somewhat mellow about her emotions and becomes similar to Christopher's very calm state of mind as she uses dodging and one-shot attacks to finish off her adversaries in battle.

In "Eliza Fights Back Part 3" Eliza finally reveals her past with Trent during a battle with Christopher against Trent Damian which brings visible tears to her eyes while she defeats Trent Damian in armed and unarmed combat with more tears in her eyes.

She's known by her friends and family to blush brightly whenever Christopher compliments her, talks to her, or if he is even around her.

Eliza shows signs of shyness sometimes around Christopher as first shown in the Season 5 episode "The Nightmare Showdown Part 1".

Eliza is also shown to be very confident in her abilities almost all the time, but simultaneously she also isn't afraid to express her true emotions to her closest friends.

Eliza has also shown a very caring and nurturing side to her such as whenever Christopher gets injured during a mission.

However she has nearly lost her own composure when dealing with her main enemy from the past, Trent Damson, but she had even used wit to defeat defeat Ohnyxx even using speed and wit simultaneously to win with a catchy wisecrack at the end.

She also shows a very rebellious side to her as shown when she defies the orders of her parents during a spy mission, however, sometimes her rebellious side can put her in danger prompting her best friend to save her life every single time.

Eliza Justice is also revealed to have somehow inherited her father's determination and stubbornness as revealed by President Justice in the episode "You're The Man!".

Eliza reveals in the Season 2 finale, "Family Feud Part 2" that she had inherited her mother's tenderness.

In the episode "Mission Against The Dark Side Part 1" Eliza shamelessly and confidently confirms in person that she was born and raised to be a good girl and an even greater idol to the general public, an even greater field agent and special operatives elite spy, a masterful VIP entity with countless connections to both countless members of the general public, and secretive spy network, and even further saying that she has never done a single bad thing in her entire life while blushing immensely and surprising everyone in the room with her (excluding her own parents themselves since they had been responsible for raising their only daughter).

After the events of the episode, "Mission Against The Dark Side Part 3", Eliza has finally come to terms with her brand new sly spy side that she had acquired during the mission against The Dark Side as a whole and confidently admitting that she had finally come to terms with and declared herself an official enemy of The Dark Side and The Eclipse Cult as well as stated her own identity as a current threat to the villainous plans.

Eliza also constantly shows her stubborn side to her as shown when she insists to pay for everything even if her best friend offers to pay for the order at the cafe only to be sweetly convinced to allow his own best friend to pay for the order instead every single time.



Agent Justice

Eliza and Agent Justice have a seemingly good mother-daughter relationship and they have more common ground with working for the same agency as well as the same training.

Eliza also trusts her mother as she and President Justice were the first two to figure out that their own daughter was getting abused by her ex-boyfriend, Ryder Guy.

Eliza reveals in the Season 2 finale, "Family Feud Part 2" that she had inherited her mother's tenderness.

President Justice

Eliza and President Justice have a great father-daughter relationship and they hold each other in high regards.

Eliza seems to respect her father as the president of his agency and she even somewhat fears him out of respect for his orders on missions.

Eliza almost never leaves her father's side on the force unless she's going to be spending her time with her best friend but she opens up to her father faster and much easier than her mother.

According to the creators, their relationship is really strong compared to other relationships except for her relationship with Christopher which is her strongest relationship.


Christopher Jones

Main article: Christopher and Eliza

Eliza at first revealed a flirty and playful side to Christopher during their first encounter in the episode "First Friend". In the episode "You're The Man!", Eliza automatically offers and agrees to going to a school formal for his mission and wears a red dress for the mission which astonishes her best friend and current romantic partner.

Although they have argued with each other a total of five times in the series regarding serious issues however, they have both since moved on from that and their bond is much stronger compared to her bonds with other people in her life.

Eliza allows Christopher to fight off a team of twelve secretive paparazzi for the sake of keeping their covers safe from the media and her cheeks flush resulting in her blushing after being held in her best friend's arms after the fight.

Eliza and Christopher have confirmed to have held hands a few times as this is also shown when they go anywhere on a date within walking distance.

Eliza and Christopher have even fought against several enemy agents and a lot of other known enemies side by side on several occasions.

Eliza has also kissed her best friend sweetly on the cheek in her first encounter in the series with seemingly no difficulty as if she had some insight on what had happened to Christopher in his past before she had become more openly affectionate toward him.

It is later on confirmed that she was told a small bit about his backstory before the events of their first encounter as she had no problems with expressing her affection for him even leading to their first kiss in her second appearance, "You're The Man!".

Eliza and Christopher's relationship is temporarily strained until they both make it back up to the top of the academy and out of the vault after defeating all of the enemy agents by knocking them into the vault since he had kept a secret that changes the entire history of The Federal Organization but she later on completely accepts the truth that was finally revealed.

Serena Monet

Main article: Eliza and Serena

Eliza had a close friendly relationship with Serena Monet during childhood until the girls had a falling out leading into a new betrayal until the middle of the story arc involving Rose Lawrence and Shadow.

Eliza and Serena eventually talk through their problems and they very slowly regain their friendship after a long fight against Violet Byzantine's agents and even fighting against Donatello Obscurité.

Emily Blanc

Main article: Eliza and Emily

Eliza shows no hatred towards Emily and vice versa. They are even okay with fighting alongside each other against The Dark Side and again against The Eclipse Cult later on in the same episode.


Main article: Eliza and Mickey

Mickey and Eliza have a good friendship with one another and they only see each other as friends, in the episode "The Fight Before Christmas" where Eliza and Mickey agree to fight against Milton McPhail while he had distracted the enemy agent while she went inside and rescued Christopher, but in the episode "Merry Christmas Christopher", when Mickey mentioned being able to kiss a girl under the mistletoe, Eliza and Alice May were both equally disgusted by the idea due to the thought of Mickey trying to kiss one of them enough for Eliza to shudder in disgust at the thought of it when Mickey turns his back.

However, their friendship goes even further in the episode, "Secret Team Reactivated!", where Eliza had played a video game with Mickey in a contest to see who's better while she effortlessly demolished him without even trying much to his anger, revealing him as a sore loser.

Eliza and Mickey have also argued with each other on several occasions even more so than she does with Christopher such as during a mission at a biker hang out where the group was to split up into teams of three and they were sent to investigate an enemy agency.

Alice May

Main article: Eliza and Alice

'Eliza was at first jealous of Alice in the beginning until they had worked past their differences to rescue Christopher from the evil clutches of Luna Blake.

Later on at some point during the Battle of Elite Spy Academy, Eliza fends off Ryder's attack with Christopher to save her during the battle.


Main article: Eliza and Julius

Eliza and Julius are good friends with no rivalries at all as they work together very well in combat such as when they face off against several enemies at once during the Battle of Spy Academy.


Main article: Eliza and Melody

Eliza was initially wary of Melody seeing her as some form of competition until realizing that Melody was just a friend of the team.

Eliza however greatly respects Melody's skills as a spy and considers her a true friend in her life.

Anna Carpenter

Main article: Eliza and Anna

As a legendary spy Eliza looks up to Anna for support and insight as a professional spy and also a good friend.

Eliza and Anna have fought together against enemy agents before and on so many occasions.

Sunny Medina

Main article: Eliza and Sunny

Even though Eliza and Sunny haven't interacted much onscreen, they have a positive relationship with one another.

Other Relationships

Rose Lawrence

Main article: Eliza and Rose

Eliza and Rose have a very calm nature towards each other as they are willing to work together to accomplish a common goal in mind.

Eliza and Rose have both unwillingly fought each other but Rose has been known as a skilled spy capable of dodging and blocking attacks from anyone who isn't who she finds worth fighting against as Rose has stated that Eliza isn't worthy of her time when it comes to fighting her adversaries.

Ilia Arcenciel

Main article: Eliza and Ilia

Eliza and Ilia have had no interactions as of yet.

Vayne Dread

Eliza and Vayne have a mutual and very mysterious feeling towards each other, and it can be assumed that they both hate each other due to being on opposing sides.

Milton McPhail

Eliza and Milton share a very deep mutual hatred for each other and they have opposing opinions about Christopher as they both share a mutual connection with him.

Eliza has even fiercely fought against Milton McPhail in all of his appearances in both Season 1 and Season 2 of the series as a whole.

Zane Fuller

Main article: Eliza and Zane

Eliza and Zane engage in combat against each other in the episode "Out of the Water and Into the Fire" until he finally gets defeated by Christopher with a single punch to the face knocking him onto the floor leaving him unable to get back up completely for a while until The Federal Organization's agents arrive and arrest him moments later as he later returns in the episode "The Beginning of the End" as a current prisoner being interrogated by Christopher and Eliza with fury in their eyes.

In his very next appearance in the episode "Revenge of the Past, Part 1" and "Revenge of the Past, Part 2" Zane is still locked up in prison and he is looking furious about Shadow's very deadly reign of terror on The Dark Side and he is confronted by Christopher and Eliza again in the two part Season 3 finale.


Main article: Eliza and Shadow

Eliza and Shadow have mutual hatred for each other as first shown in the episodes "No Going Back, Part 1" and "No Going Back, Part 2".

In the episodes "Beginning To The End", "Revenge of the Past, Part 1", and "Revenge of the Past, Part 2",

Tony Tolentino

As the at-the-time leader of The Dark Side, Eliza and Tony have indeed fought each other in combat with burning hatred for each other.

Keenan Lynch

Eliza and Keenan hate each other due to being on opposite sides of the spy war and after hearing about Keenan's promotion to head and leader of The Dark Side, Eliza was furious about this information and immediately drew her weapon out in pure anger and hatred.

Eliza and Keenan even had a brief fight against each other in armed and unarmed combat during the battles of Spy Academy, Modern Spy Academy, Advanced Spy Academy, and Elite Spy Academy, but all of their battles were interrupted by Christopher resulting in the first half of the fights to be one-on-one with the rest of the fights being two-on-one.

Eliza and Keenan finally start to engage in fierce combat against each other in the biggest spy war in the main series finale until it gets interrupted by Christopher and E who both have a chance to assist Eliza in the fight against Keenan before he escapes and Vayne Dread walks into the scene to finish Keenan's fight.

Stevie Nichols

Eliza and Stevie have a weird and complicated relationship.

Terrence Wisteria

Eliza doesn't see Terrence as much of a threat and therefore disregards him as a worthy adversary only knocking him out cold with a single kick before fighting someone else.

Trent Damson

As one of Eliza's ex-boyfriends, Eliza and Trent have a mutual hatred for each other as they are not afraid to fight each other.

During the introductions before the beginning of the Battle of Elite Spy Academy, Trent finally returns only to reveal to the team of heroes that their academy battle is right in his hometown and that he's joined the academy battle with a score to settle while glaring angrily at Eliza with pure evil in his eyes.

Ryder Guy

Eliza and Ryder have a mutual hatred for each other which is further supported by the fact that she was abused by him when they were dating five years before the events of the series.

According to the series creator's exact words about the situation, here is what he had to say about it:

There is a lot about Eliza's past life before the start of the series that will be explained in her story arc.

Kaiser Gray

Eliza Justice and Kaiser Gray have a mutual hatred for each other since they are both on opposite sides of an upcoming spy war.


Eliza and Hans are sworn enemies opposing each other while in the events of the episode "First Friend", where Hans, Lars, and two accomplices attempt to abduct the first daughter and her best friend at a party armed with laser guns.


Eliza and Lars are sworn enemies opposing each other while in the events of the episode, "First Friend".


Eliza recognizes the name of the high-ranking elite assassin from a past history with her family and a fight between The Federal Organization and The Eclipse Cult before the events of the series.

Selina Viper

Eliza and Selina have a mutual hatred for each other as shown when they first fought each other onscreen.

Adam Rouge

Eliza Justice and Adam Rouge haven't officially met yet at this exact point in time, but it can be assumed that she and Adam hate each other because of all opposing enemies against each other.

Ilia Arcenciel

Eliza and Ilia have fought each other in armed and unarmed combat.

Marc Adler

Main article: Eliza and Marc

Eliza and Marc have a mutual hatred for each other in a newly-revealed history.

Volpe Rosso

Eliza and Volpe are rivals and enemies.

Lady Misfortune

Eliza and Lady Misfortune are sworn enemies on opposing sides of the spy war.


Eliza and Blaise are sworn enemies who can't seem to handle dealing with each other.


Eliza and Adara haven't met just yet in the series so their opinions on each other are yet to be revealed in the franchise.

Lila Ombre

Eliza and Lila.



Main article: Sculptors of the Sky

Eliza is proficient with her weapons.

  • Combat Proficiency - Eliza has shown a very skilled proficiency in combat especially when she holds her own against the kidnappers at the climax of the episode.
  • Weaponry Proficiency - Eliza has a mastery of laser weaponry ranging from laser guns to other types of weapons of The Federal Organization. Eliza could also keep up with the knife forms of Adara's weapons of choice called Killer's Fiery Finish.
  • Intelligence - Eliza is very intelligent compared to other female agents as she was the first one to figure out that her best friend was abducted by the head and leader of The Dark Side.
  • Stealth - Eliza can be very stealthy as shown in the first and second part of the Revenge of the Past Season 3 finale and it was once again brought up in three more finales, Fight The Future, The Return and Jailbreak, and Delayed in Season 5, Season 6, and Season 7 respectively.
  • Acrobatic Proficiency - Eliza can use acrobatics to defeat and dispatch an enemy agent as shown with her third battle with Shadow.
  • Agility - Eliza has impressive agility as pointed out by Christopher and Rose as they have been fighting each other since the beginning.
  • Athleticism - Eliza has mentioned her impressive athleticism by demonstrating it in a practice fight with E and even shown in a flashback fight with Ryder Guy.
  • Spy-like Advanced Intelligence - Throughout the series Eliza has shown so much intelligence about the field of espionage which has even surpassed E's abilities.


Singing Proficiency

  • First revealed in the very first Christmas episode of the entire series, "The Fight Before Christmas", Eliza had not only sang a song in front of a large crowd of the agency's families and friends as an ordered diversion to distract the guests from noticing and worrying about the hosts' disappearances, but she had also sang a Christmas love song with noticeably network-renowned professional musical practice, a lot better than that of Hollie Brook which, deep down, infuriated the very first so-called "musical master" Holly to the point of turning the very first acquaintance into a brand new rival.

Baking Proficiency

  • First revealed in the episode "The Love Jinx", Eliza was revealed to be fully capable of baking exceptionally large treats on a picnic date which surpasses those skills of even one of her close friends, Alice May.

Dancing Proficiency

  • First revealed in the episode "You're The Man!", Eliza is a very skilled professional dancer as she had unintentionally made everyone in the room turns their heads towards her in shock and amazement while even the academy's very expensive DJ was left in surprise and delight at watching her professional moves with nothing but a sheer smile.


  • Elizabeth's name follows the color rule in three ways which is more than anyone else in the series.
    • Elizabeth relates to the Queen Elizabeth Rose, which is a kind of rose that has a distinctive light pink color.
    • Her middle name Brooke refers to water reminding people of the color blue.
    • Her surname Justice brings to mind the color blue due to the representation of justice on the American flag.
  • Eliza becomes Christopher's close-to girlfriend in the Season 1 episode "First Friend" and officially becomes his girlfriend in between the events of the episodes "First Friend" and "You're The Man!" as she finally finds out more top secret information about Christopher's occupation as a spy in the episode "You're The Man!".
  • Eliza was initially supposed to show subtle hints of interest in her best friend but plans have changed since then according to the writers.
  • Also according to a conversation between series creators, Christopher Capers-Jones and Elly Ross, Eliza was supposed to have her very first kiss with her best friend in the Christmas episode, "The Fight Before Christmas".
  • Eliza Justice is the first recruit to sing in the series.
  • Eliza Justice is the first recurring character throughout the series to have a lot more appearances in more episodes than other recurring characters.
  • Eliza is the very first recurring character to appear in a Christmas episode.
  • In the episodes "No Going Back, Part 1" and "No Going Back, Part 2", Eliza Justice wears a blue dress with brown sandals.
  • As revealed in the episode "Revenge of the Van People", Eliza has been shown to be fully capable of displaying almost no fear at all.
  • Eliza is revealed to have been dating Christopher since in between the events of "First Friend" and "You're The Man!".
  • Eliza is the first character to reveal more about her history in a story arc.
  • Eliza has fought against a solo adversary for the first time in the episode "Stories Never End, They Live Forever In Books".
  • Eliza's first name follows the color rule with her Auspicious' colors being Red, Rust, and Light Green to represent Elizabeth's first name [1].
  • Eliza's last name also follows the color rule as referenced by the colors of the Flag. In the U.S. flag represent justice with  white standing for purity and innocence. Red represents valor and hardiness, while blue signifies justice, perseverance, and vigilance.
  • Eliza is the first recruited agent to also already be someone of very high importance.
  • Eliza is the first recruited spy to get knocked out by a recurring major enemy instead of a main enemy spymaster.
  • Eliza is revealed to be the target of her former friends in her past including Marc Adler since her first appearance in the entire series.
  • Eliza has a dark secret that will be revealed to the main protagonists in a later season.
  • According to an upcoming livestream something tragic about Eliza Justice will be revealed in a much later season of the series.


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