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"This wiki is about a secret team called Secret Team consisting of Christopher, E, The Jones Family, and many more as the team faces off against multiple enemy agencies and multiple threats."

Welcome to the Secret Team Undercover Wiki

This wiki is about a secret organization formerly formed as an all-good secret spy agency and formerly called The Tough Organization but since the events of the very end of the episode Pilot; currently called O.T.S.U. or more clearly addressed as the descriptive meaning, The Organization of Tactical Spies Undercover, consisting of Christopher, Elly, and many, many more recruits, as well as the agents from The Federal Organization consisting of several elites, commanders, and substitute heads and leaders, and of course the Jones Family.

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Pilot will air in January 1, 2030
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My Brother From Another Motherboard will air in 2017

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January 6, 2017 20:30:00 EST